Monday, January 10, 2011

Weekend Weakness

Well its Monday and I can officially say that I know why Ellen could only come up with one word phrases to describe the contestants on American Idol- Super- Awesome- Great - because for the life of me I cannot find another word to describe the pure {success} that {E} had when she stepped on the scale this morning.
 41/2 pounds lost now that is Amazingly Awesome. I suppose if I am going to be a blog literary agent of news and updates I am going to have to break out the thesaurus from time to time or else what on earth will I do when more than one of the girls have a {success}!

The weekend did not start off so well for some of the {c}ool chicks,

  First of all when you spend the first half of the weekend staring at your daughters last birthday cake, and dreaming about  how fab the next great birthday cake will be  for a birthday party that is light years away you already know, no good can come of that. I, {V},  also decided that I didn't want to cook, until I realized that as a mother you are fully obligated to feed your husband and children at some point before they go to bed. Soooo keeping in mind the joys of youth we had opposite day and ate waffles and sausage at 7pm on a Sunday while watching the facinating Star Wars the Clone Wars animated version. Yeah that scale is gonna love me!
{B}- who is the best at leaving water and miniature oranges on our desk through the week, had a hot date with the sample isle at Kroger  and we all know that place is dangerous on an empty stomach. I also realized that {B} Facebook post about her whipping up a batch of level 5 Mocha-Berry Cake did not apply to us traders because she made it in FarmVille and it is not real.
{E}- no doubt the winner on the scale this Monday ate left over pizza because you {have} to eat left over pizza it is sometimes better than the first time- like lots of things that are bad for you ;-) perhaps she will rock zumba tonight???

Maybe We Should Treat Trade on Saturdays


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