Friday, January 14, 2011

A Princess has lost her Palace

This post is dedicated to {E} whose love of the Donut Palace will stand the test of time. Karma must be a funny guy because as the New Year approached {E} decided that she should stop partaking in the Palace treats and sweets in order to get into shape- a resolution of sorts- well karma must be on her side because as she pulled onto the one lane parking lot of the Donut Palace this is what she found:

-no your eyes are not deceiving you they either had fake customers or the donut grease turned this poor Indian Chief into a stuffed doll.

you may need to take one more peek at the sign above, I will kindly give you a minute to scroll.
 Yup, you got it the Palace has closed due to health reasons no less, now I don't know what the illness is, could it be that they are turning their customers to stone, or that the stone customers return everyday for more, whatever the cause Karma has heard her cry and prevented {E} from dropping by the Palace from time to time, thus allowing her New Years resolution to become a reality!

RIP  Donut Palace I do believe your Princess has lost her Palace but will find her Kingdom


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