Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Day

There has got to be some point in every year when you feel like you need a better reason to get out of bed, and today was that day for me. Although there was not much snow on the ground when I sent my children to school this morning, by midday it was coming down pretty steady, it was only after a brand new Cadillac Escallade came sliding toward my vehicle did I convince myself that it was definitely time to go home.
 What shall I do when I get home well that was the trick,
I could for sure cook dinner (which we all know by now I do out of some undisclosed parenting rule  ) - {check}
I could play with my children- {check}
I could actually put that killer {K} Biggest Loser dvd in the xbox and work out, as opposed to watching them work out from the couch- {check}
 Well what do you know, I did it all, I almost cannot believe it I even did that damn dvd , side by side with my 5 year old son who said "Mommy we are gonna have some six packs! " Well I don't know about that but with any hope I will be able to get through this dvd without having a complete breakdown- so far so good
After working out I wondered why I needed this {Treat Traders} group in my life so bad, was it the sweet snacks, was it knowing that 4 out of 5 work days I would not have to even think about treats because they would mysteriously be placed in my work station, or was it because for the last 10 years I have used my children as a reason why I have been relaxed with my woman self and now I was being held accountable by some great women that also want to get in touch with their women self too! Yes I think that's it, see for the past ten years I have been someones, significant other, someones mommy, someones sister and someones caregiver and now, this year 2011 I am gonna be a {Woman}- hear me roar

Recipe for today: sit back relax, take a warm bubble bath with candles and a book, look at your body and be proud of what you have, right now at this moment, not what you want it to be. Those beautiful eyes, those legs that carry you to and fro.
We can change what we don't like tomorrow,  but for today lets just watch the snow and enjoy and what we do like and whats workin for us now.


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