Monday, January 10, 2011

Clearly {K} is trying to kill me

After a not so remarkable weekend of food consumption, I was excited to get back to work to see what treats lay waiting for me all sweet and yummy at my desk. First I almost licked the bowl with the apple marshmallow yumminess, then I was whisked away by the flavors of the pumpkin fluff so I just knew that  even though I fell off of  the treat wagon Monday would be a fresh start.
 Wrong Again
There was a sweet little package waiting for me on my desk, however it was not from the famous Treat Traders, it was from none other than our resident food health and wellness Guru {K}.
{K} is sweet and petite and and oh so neat so when she came to me and said {V} I left you something on your desk because I was thinking about you this weekend I thought  "WHAT LITTLE OH ME", you shouldn't have-
Oh but really you shouldn't have, I opened up this {green goodness} only to smell something that reminded me a bit of potting soil, now surely I am not supposed to drink this {K}.
 Oh yes you are going to drink it and I am not going to tell you what is in it until you are all done! So one cup later and after a couple of gags I was able to gather up enough strength to ask for the recipe because I knew that you all would be anxious to share my experience.
Now I must warn you for half of the day my belches smelled like green beans, my gas smelled like green peppers and my sweat smells like carrots and there were no carrots in this juice. However apparently this meets almost half of the Sergent Generals daily vegetable intake.
{Bon Appetit}

                                 {K}'s  Green Goodness

1/2 cup each:
Green Pepper
Green Beans
1 cherry tomato

crushed ice as needed  to tamper the taste

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  1. You guys are funny Im going to follow you and feed the Green stuff to my family lol!