Monday, January 17, 2011

Killer {K} Didn't Disappoint

Welcome back all, when we last blogged about our treat trading adventures Killer {K} was on a roll leaving healthy juice drinks to boost our recommened daily vegitable intake, well she has completely outdone herself -again. Today when I arrived at work expecting to see a sweet treat from the traders I was welcomed with not only one but two jars  one) a jar of dark brown seeds - would be a great pallet for a room design and 2) a jar of those same seeds except in a snail mucus form ( I kid you not).
I was really concerned that even my best health intentions would not physically allow me to partake in any of those jars so I decided to do the next best thing, pawn them off on another trader to see if she collapsed after eating them or start to sprout green leaves out of her ears. I must say {J} was not a willing participant by any means and did not go without a bit of coercion but she did finally try the snail mucus gel chia because she was eating yogurt and could mix it in with "no taste", or so says Killer {K}.
To my amazement {J} was still standing after her taste test ( the verdict is still out on the chest hair ;-) growth) but more amazing was the multitude of research articles left on my desk by {K} detailing why I should take at least a spoonful a day and stop whining like a baby, not the least was the fact that there really is no taste if you mix it with food. So for all of you following this healthy living experiment I present Chia The Ancient food of the Aztecs with the healing properties of the Gods.
I promise not to put you to sleep you with all of the details on the healing power of the Chia but I do think that before you see what it looks like, I should at least share a couple of things that might make you say "hummmm"

* you can make it taste like whatever you want, and it forms a gel that keeps you filling full for hours
* you can substitute chia gel for half of the butter in most recipes
* it has age defying anti-oxidants
* it is a muscle and tissue builder and an energizer of endurance with extensive hydration properties

I must admit that after much teasing, groaning, yelping, and gaging, the Chia started to  make its way completely around my office, into the chili lunch, and homemade soup. And with {J} still standing, Brave {E} and {S} went so far as to take a teaspoon full straight to the head!  Eighter we are turning into the office version of survivor or this health thing is spreading like wildflower. I feel like I need to learn the Aztec Warrior Call.

If you would like to sample the power of the Chia seed or gel email us at the first 5 request will receive a sample


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  1. It's interesting you posted about Chia - someone at work was telling us about it last week. I'll have to research it further.