Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bottoms Up

                                 {K}'sLight Green Goodness
                                                 for your digestive pleasure

1-cup spinach
1/2- cup grapes

ice as needed to tamper the taste, and please don't let the floaters deter you

Today I have done a complete 180 about Killer {K}. I have decided that she may know what she is talking about after all.
Although her first juice mix reminded me a newborn babies first poo,  for me it went down rough, and  I must say it came out smooth. Exercising with her twice a week has been, shall I dare say addicting. However, because I am still convinced that I am a couch potato at heart, when I went to our workout session yesterday I did my usual groan and moan when she put the Jillian Michaels Biggest Loser DVD because {K} could not possibly find out that this may not be as bad as I first thought.- {side note} I am convinced that Jillian is trying to kill me and that wont change, as a matter of fact, at one point in the exercise routine she told me I was not working hard enough and that she would come through the camera- I so believe that

The exciting part today came after our workout when {K} said that she had whipped up something new and fresh for me to drink today, she claimed it would not be nearly as bad as Mondays drink and it would actually taste good, "more fruit" she said, " "taste more like juice" she said, doesn't look as much like potting soil she boasted. I am starting to figure out that she doesnt know what juice taste like to begin with. She may have been half right, it did not look like fertilizer but it was still green, I am trying to politely ask {K} to use fruits and veggies in my drinks that are the color of the {r}ainbow like strawberries, and bananas, maybe even a kiwi but she insist these concoctions of beans and spinach are the most healthy for me and and most importantly they are the food items that I would not normally consume on a daily basis.

What she was right about- it was not quite as bad as the the first organic mix I will admit, was it good absolutely not, did I drink it in less than 10 minutes I sure did, and after I drank it, without even taking off my pants and shoes, and without running to the potty first to get rid of at least 30cc of fluid I weighted myself. Yes I did! I stepped on the scale in front of killer {K} and when I looked down I could not believe my eyes. I {V} had lost 5 pounds. Lets me repeat 5 pounds! Maybe she does know what she is talking about. {K} said that next Monday she will have a huge surprise for me that will be waiting in the fridge at work, {K} please forgive me if I am not doing cartwheels, however if that scale keeps dropping I may do a few jumping jacks!
Bottoms Up Ladies and Gents!



  1. I am pretty sure Jillian tried to kill me too! but yet again, I am about to Shred. I hate you Jiillian MIchaels. and I am never going to try that green drink. Ever.

  2. lol Michele the scary thing is I dont know what color tommorrows drink will be- its her BIG SURPRISE and no good can come of that ;-)