Monday, January 17, 2011

Treat Traders is proud to announce- House Calls with Dr. Lori and Dr. Rhea

We are so proud to announce the addition of  Dr. Lori Tucker, and Dr. Rhea Rowser to the Treat Trader Family! Twice per month the Drs. will be available to answer your health questions and concerns. What a joy for us to have these awesome professionals willing to share their expertise with our readers. Questions for the Dr.s can me emailed to and the answers will be posted on the 1st and the 15th of each month, I hope that you guys take advantage of this invaluable resource. These are general health concerns if you feel as though you are having an emergency please contact your primary physician or call 911


Because this partnership started after the 1st of this month here are the questions for January:

Christal-Los Angeles CA-
Dr. I am having a  repeat C-section in may how do you feel about getting a tummy tuck during my c-section procedure is it considered safe?

Dr. Lori-
I often have patients request that I perform a "tummy tuck" at the time of their c- section. The traditional abdominoplasty requires shortening and tightening the abdominal wall muscles, a task that is impossible due to the enlarged uterus and increased blood flow to the muscle wall. However a modified tummy tuck can be done, but preferably at the time of the last c-section. Many women have a bit of overhang in the fat and skin after previous deliveries and c-sections and want that extra tissue removed. With a wider incision, and minimal risk for increased bleeding, this can easily be accomplished at the time of cesarean. And by removing the overhang of skin and fat, the risk for a subsequent yeast infection of the wound may decrease.

Raquel-Atlanta GA-
Hi I had a baby in December and everyone says that breastfeeding her will help me loose weight can you please tell me more about how this works?

Dr. Lori-
Breastfeeding burns on average 500 calories per day. Some women, but not all, find that they loose weight very quickly doing nothing more than this to shed the baby weight. It is important to remember though, that if  you are calorie restricting, breast milk production may decrease so it is not recommended to vigorously diet while nursing.
LaVerne-Henderson NV-
Is drinking Crystal Light as beneficial as drinking just water if I really don't like plain water?
 Some liquids such as juices, sports drinks, and Kool Aid are packed full of sugar. If my patients just can't stand to drink plain water, I recommend drinking a low sodium, sugar free drink such as Crystal Light. At least they are getting in the fluids.  For the pregnant women be mindful that no adverse pregnancy outcomes have be documented with aspartame,however it is still relatively new so no long term data is available.
Pam- Nashville TN-
How much water do we really have to drink per day?
Dr. Lori-
It is important to drink 64 ounces of water a day as well if your pregnant, during pregnancy the extra hydration prevents dehydration, which can lead to dizziness, fainting, nausea, leg cramps caffeinated beverages or sodas that can contain too much sodium.


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