Saturday, January 15, 2011

Treat Traders- Weekend Food Funnies

The chicks don't do treat trading on the weekends because the office is closed, now you see why we are always backsliding {I digress}, that doesn't mean that we do not want to keep you guys smiling so we decided to do what we like to call, The Weekend Food Funnies, great silly pics of food to keep you laughing while we are away.
 If this was television, it would be a commercial break and we would be pausing for a word from our sponsors {hint, hint}. If this was radio it would be called a" Donut Hole" {imagine the irony in that}.
Anyway  because its our blog and we can call it what we like here is your first installment of  this weeks {Food Funnies}:
FUN FOOD - food photo

Funny Fruit - food photo

Food - food photo

Food - food photo



  1. Hehehe!! Love these, what a hoot. I am really into Photoshop so I may have to attempt some of these myself.

    Found you from Blogfrog and your GFC comments!!

  2. Thats awesome Patricia! How about you have fun in photoshop and we will use you as one of the weekend {Food Funnies}!
    Treat Traders