Saturday, January 8, 2011


Pumpkin Fluff and all that Stuff

Soooo, I have officially decided that this is the best group that I have ever joined, for purely selfish reasons of course. Not only do I get to chat it up daily with  bunch of super Cool Chicks but I get to enjoy all of the yumminess of treats like Pumpkin Fluff from {J}. Now for someone that has only cooked the basics for years, I have now branched out into food world outer limits. I am almost in the land of the Domesticated Divas get down with the get down.


                                       Pumpkin Fluff

1- Large can of pumpkin pre spiced
1- 16 oz of low fat whipped topping
1- box fat free vanilla or butterscotch pudding

Mix pumpkin whipped topping and pudding in a bowl until you have a mouse like texture, refridgerate until you are ready to serve. If the consistancey is to thick, you can add a touch of low fat milk until you get the desired result.

Talk about easy as {1} {2} {3}

 Thanks to Ashleys Pastry Shop for the great idea

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